Trip to Madagascar is available for everyone, for those who are discovering new corners of the world who want to go where there is no beaten track, who are looking for exotic and pleasant warm beaches with clean white sand.

Traveller, got on the island of Madagascar, will certainly be impressed. Large reserves in different parts of Madagascar, its forests and volcanoes, coral areas and rivers - all unique and unrepeatable.

Madagascar is rich and diverse nature, which can be found in its parks and reserves. In Madagascar, it is possible to see the unique animals (all of them safe), fantastic plants and flowers - 80% of which can meet only in Madagascar.

Will surprise you with a variety of scenery: from the dense forests of succinic Mountains in the north to the dry forests in the West, dominated by trees, Tamarind and its set of baobabs, the thorny chascham in the South.

Crossing the country, you can witness the lunar landscape and the canyon in Isale, visit Ankaran - Massif, where there is known scurvy, rock faces which are destroyed by wind and time.

Addition to these parks, ecolodges, whose architecture is similar to the surrounding landscape, equipped camp for camping, ready to receive visitors after tours.

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